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Battling is a core gameplay mechanic in Monster Crown where monsters fight against one another in a battle. Battling in Monster Crown uses a one-on-one, turn-based system.

Entering a battle[edit]

Monsters can be seen in the overworld out in the wild. Upon approaching most wild monsters (the exception being bosses and some special monsters), they will run up to the player. When a player and monster touch, the player will enter a battle with the monster.

Upon entering a battle, the player will be able to choose which of the monsters in their party that they want to send out to fight the monster.


Selecting Attack will allow you to choose a move from your monster's moveset for it to use that turn. If your monster is slower than the monster you are fighting, it will move after the opponent monster in that turn.


Selecting Offer will allow you to present the opposing monster with a pact. This option is not available to be chosen when fighting other Tamers, or when fighting angered mother monsters when trying to collect a wild egg.


Selecting Switch will allow you to swap out your current monster for another one of the monsters in your party. This takes up one turn.


Selecting Forfeit will...


Synergy is a battling mechanic in Monster Crown. Just above the Monster's name tag is a gauge with 4 bars. How many bars are lit up shows the amount of synergy your monster has.

Accumulating Synergy[edit]

Synergy can be accumulated in various ways. The easiest way to increase your monster's synergy level is by switching to another monster. This gains +1 syngery.

With each level of synergy gained, boosts will be applied to the stats of the monster that you have out. These stats stack and are active until your monster uses a move. Upon using a move, your synergy level drops back to 0.

  • +1
  • +2
  • +3 Drop Foe Defence by 50%.
  • +4 Drop Foe Attack by 50%, Next move 2.5x Power

Crowned Transformation[edit]

Upon gaining +5 Synergy, your monster will undergo a transformation known as a Crowned Transformation. It will glow with a white light and, depending on its species, sometimes change in appearance.