Chief Tamers

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Chief Tamers are located across Crown Island, and are required to the battled by the player to increase their Tamer Rank. They are known as some of the strongest Tamers on the Island.

It is implied that Chief Tamers work for the various Kings across Crown Island, based on a quote found in the Notes from the Island. It is presently unknown if they possess any legal powers over other citizens or have additional privileges.

List of Chief Tamers

No. Name Sprite Location Monster Reward
1 Jasper  ? Mill Town  ?
2 Devon Devon Sprite.png Path north of Crossroads Town Cobreo
Cobreo sprite.png
3  ? 3rd Chief Tamer Sprite.png Humanism Kingdom Taupsy
Taupsy sprite.png
4 Rodney  ? Frobec Dracoyle
Dracoyle sprite.png
5  ?  ? Nio Kio Scrave
Scrave sprite.png
6 Vyrnia  ? Empathy Kingdom Migma
Migma sprite.png
7  ?  ? Appenton City Mimika
Mimika sprite.png
8  ?  ? Charity Kingdom Juveneel
Juveneel sprite.png