Crossroads Town

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Crossroads Town
In the middle of Desperado Province
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Crossroads Town

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Desperado Province

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Crossroads Town is located roughly in the middle of Desperado Province, and therefore is almost in the center of Crown Island.

Places of Interest[edit]

The 2d Chief Tamer[edit]

Main article: Devon

See also: Chief Tamers

The 2nd Chief Tamer,Devon resides on a path which is a short walk north from the town.


See also: Kiry Healing Locations

There is a Kiry just to the north of the middle of the town, which can heal all of your monsters for the price of $15.

Roost Courier Service[edit]

The Roost Courier Service is located to the west of Crossroads Town. You can sign up to the service by talking to the Mailman on the 2nd floor. Registering to this service will enable you to use any Storklift to travel to any town you're already been to, or retrieve monsters that were sent to The Farm, by quickly granting you access to your monster storage boxes.