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There are many different kinds of items available in Monster Crown, which can be obtained in a variety of ways.

Item Types[edit]


Pacts are used by the player to tame wild monsters. There are several kinds of pacts:

Normal Pact Supreme Pact Dream Pact Demon Pact
Normal Pact big.png
Normal Pact big.png
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HP Restoring Items[edit]

There are various healing items available for the player to use to restore the HP of their monsters. These include:

Aloe Leaf Gualchop Campfire Log Kroodle Tenders Shoreyu Sushi Big Meat Giant Sunbloom Seed Hani Honey
Aloe Leaf big.png
Gualchop big.png
Campfire Log big.png
Big Meat big.png
Big Meat big.png
Big Meat big.png
Sunbloom Seed big.png
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Stat Orbs[edit]

Stat orbs can be used to increase the stats of monsters. There are 6 types of stat orbs:

HP Orb Atk Orb Mag Orb Spd Orb Def Orb Res Orb
Hp Orb.png
Atk Orb.png
Mag Orb.png
Spd Orb.png
Def Orb.png
Res Orb.png

Move Orbs[edit]

Transformative items[edit]

These items can be used by the player to change the form of their monsters:

Atomic Clock Apo's Light Anti-fungal Super Gro Ferrorizer Frostbite Book of the Dead Burning Sky Subtractor Gem
Atomic Clock.png
Apos Light.png
Anti Fungal.png
Super Gro.png
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Experience giving items[edit]

Ultra Rare Berry
Ultra Rare Berry.png


Raw Gem
Raw Gem.png

Monster Booster Packs[edit]

Booster Pack
Booster Pack.png

Soldier's Items[edit]

Main article: Soldier's Journal

Soldier's Journal Chapter 1 Soldier's Journal Chapter 2 Soldier's Journal Chapter 3 Soldier's Journal Chapter 4 Soldier's Journal Chapter 5
Soldier's Journal Sprite.png
Soldier's Journal Sprite.png
Soldier's Journal Sprite.png
Soldier's Journal Sprite.png
Soldier's Journal Sprite.png

Philosopher's Items[edit]

Main article: Philosopher's Items

Philosopher's Shield Philosopher's Sword Philosopher's Gauntlet Philosopher's Boots Philosopher's Cloak
Lost Tamer Pack.png
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Questionmark sprite.png
Questionmark sprite.png
Questionmark sprite.png

Monster Body Parts[edit]

Monster Body Part (Torso) Monster Body Part (Claw)
Monster Body Part (Torso).png
Monster Body Part (Claw).png


Lost Tamer Packs[edit]

Main article: Lost Tamer Pack

See also: Lost Tamer Pack Locations

Most kinds of items can be found in Lost Tamer Packs.


See also: The Barge

Items can be purchased from The Barge and market stalls in Flowering Province. Notably, Anti Fungal can only be obtained from Uncle Funkel in Flowering Province.

Loosing Items[edit]

You can sometimes lose items if you wipe out during a battle, providing you are on the right difficulty setting. These items will drop as a Lost Tamer Pack where you have stood. You can then go back to that location and retrieve your lost items this way. The Tamer Pack will despawn if you soft reset or exit the game, as they aren't saved to the player's file.