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"Notes from the Island" are a series of brief posts made by the game's developer, Jason Walsh, in the #notes-from-the-island channel in the Monster Crown Discord server. These small posts give insight to as-yet unknown elements of Monster Crown's world, and even reveal some details about things not currently in playable content. They vary from spoken word to written word, and jump between various anonymous perspectives, including quotes from the Philosopher Kings themselves.

Most curiously, one of these posts even makes mention of a real world month; July. It is unknown what form of calendar system Crown Island uses, as July is on both the Julian Calendar (where it is known as Iulius or Quintilis interchangeably) and the Gregorian Calendar. Furthermore, it is unknown what event inspired the use of a calendar on Crown Island (We use AD and BC relative to the death of Jesus Christ as the basis for our modern calendar.) or who conceived of the idea.

Based on the November 17th 2020 entry, we can infer that Monster Crown approximately takes place in the year 332 or 333, that the Player was born between the years 318 and 319, and that Issac's defeat of the Philosopher Kings and the subsequent reform of Crown Island's governance occurred in 312 or 313.

The first post was made on January 9th 2020. Notes from the Island continues to be updated even post-launch.

Date Contents
January 9 2020 ...apparently a girl went missing a few months ago in the Frobec mountains. If it was a Frigidile there'd be remains...
January 10 2020 ...I heard one of the Kingdom's Kiry doesn't faint after healing anymore. Is it getting more powerful?...
January 19 2020 ...DOMESTICATED!?!? A Layti rammed me the other day at Best's ranch! I'll never trust one again...
January 22 2020 ...You know I'm really thankful Raptor have such a sweet-tooth for Canite, could you imagine what the trek to Charity would be like if they preyed on people?!...
January 28 2020 ...I don't care how normal it is, Kroodle-doo creep me out! They're like insects not birds!...
February 4 2020 ...They brought a monster! yes! right into the city in a huge cage! ...? yeah it was massive! I think it could swallow a human without even chewing...
February 12 2020 the guy's not the most enthusiastic! Who gives a damn? Let me give you one piece of advice bub, DON'T ask him about it. He's not afraid to use that gun but I'd rather take the bullet than my chances with that thing he keeps in the shadows...
May 13 2020 ...I don't care what she's collecting, things are good since she came around! besides... there's no way something like that would work, this is real life not some horror story...
May 28 2020 ...a Turtle King? Man you must've really gotten lost in that snowstorm, there's no Turtle King monster even as far as Flowering Province, get outta here!
May 28 2020 ...the old Kings imposed new rules, curfews, taxes, it seemed the good people of this country were put upon more than ever while thieves and criminals ran amok in the instability. It was the most dangerous time of any of our lives...
May 28 2020 ...a ritual? Humans can't do magic and monsters don't have the brains for complex spells or anything... I'm pretty sure the only ones to ever perform high level magic were the... you know.
May 28 2020 ...dude look! Look! I pulled a first edition holo Stamlanche! sick!...
June 12 2020 ", Frobec's Storklift looks chilly! Maybe I should make it a giant Frobec Hat so it fits in with the rest of us!..."
July 13 2020 "... I really don't trust Bileets, they're just plain mean!..."
June 20 2020 "...we finally got to spend some time alone together and a Nautlus just drenched me with water for no reason at all! It ruined the whole day..."
October 20 2020 "...King Greed met with us today in the basement of the castle. The King exudes an incredible level of power and while the Captain is the tallest of all of us, the King seems to somehow tower above us all. I was unfortunately not prepared for what came next.

King Greed signaled a tamer to march several beasts into the room, I recognized several Primigon but the other monsters were unfamiliar to me, perhaps they were crossbreeds that do not exist in the wild. On the King's signal, the Captain approached a Primigon and grabbed it by the beast's bone-like head..."

October 22 2020 "...Attacks have been seen across all three Kingdoms, It started with an assault on King Punishment's castle but rebels seem to be everywhere these days.

I will not suffer fools that cannot respect the simple power structures of this country. We have been told plentiful food and relief was provided to all towns but ungratefulness seems viral..."

November 17 2020 "July 30, 312 - I have learned so much about the ways of the world since I joined this group, however, today I find my resolve wavering..."
November 26 2020 " the chief tamer of this town, by the rights granted to me by King Dania I command all civilians to leave the square!

You, monster, I challenge you directly!"

December 3 2020 "...Suck Blood bites your foe and sucks some blood, damaging it and giving you Synergy in return! It sure does wreck your monster's overall stamina though...Anyway, take this Suck Blood Move Orb and Suck off!.."
December 8 2020 "It's easy to get lost in a trance staring out at sea. Once I ""woke up"" from a trance and hours had passed, I didn't remember anything except a voice in my head. It told me to enter the cold waters and join the others in the depths..."
December 12 2020 "" Stega is hardcore right? It just trampled that Hyna no prob!..""
December 31 2020 "...Four young people! That's all it took to turn the tides in this nation's most dire moment. Amazing.

Three of them became Kings, Mau, Tenna and Dania... I heard the fourth just decided to live a simple life on a farm somewhere!

He must be crazy to turn down the throne!..."

January 6 2021 " a young man I wandered up here and saw this strange stone, rocking back and forth! I stayed out all night watching it, until, just before sunset it cracked open, it was an egg!

The monster inside looked like this big guy here, but was only about your height. In about an hour it ballooned up to this size..."

January 24 2021 (A single image was posted:)
March 14 2021 How he will EMBARASS himself for his little.. plot...


March 19 2021 Nice work tamer! I increase your certification level by one, congratulations!#Oh, and enjoy Scrave!
May 7 2021 Hoop: ""Well well well! Step right up! Here to see the big monster I suppose? It's $50 to get up close and personal - it's not every day a mere civilian can come close to close with a monstrous beast!""
May 28 2021 "Glossum are gliders, however their considerable size and weight means they rarely leave the trees on which it lands in sturdy condition. They are often seen climbing trees and hiding in a skittish manner while their large, intensely curious eyes focus on the object of their interest."
May 28 2021 "Yetowl are herbivores, however, they have been reported to show an unusual speed and wrath if provoked by a monster of comparable size. Foes pulled close and shrouded within their heavy wings - no longer useful for flight - seem to be overcome quickly, falling into an unconscious state. This does not seem to be the result of crushing or suffocation, and is currently a matter of research."
July 4 2021 "Dark Dragon

7'3" 2400lb ??years

This monster waits in the darkness for a true rival to emerge. It may have been waiting since the dawn of time."

July 4 2021 "This monster is fast and powerful. It moves with grace and can stop perfectly in its tracks, appearing like a statue if caught off-guard. It will play with victims using its large claws, seemingly taking great interest while their faces only ever indicate contempt."
July 17 2021 "The Wolf Slash

An apex predator, its highly sharpened and practiced teeth and claws make hunting easy for this versatile monster. It hunts most often by moonlight and seems to grow stronger under its glow."

July 27 2021 "Its original worshippers built the __ in its image, it is unknown what became of them but their god outlived their faith."

"it will live forever. When the moonlight falls on the hot sands this monster is born."

August 10 2021 "This monster exhibits unusual levels of control over the element of electricity. It produces high voltage currents easily from its long fingered wings or back protrusions. Using its elemental powers splits the air into ozone, threatening the breath of anyone nearby."
August 10 2021 "This monster oversees its wide territory with power and grace. It tolerates no other monster ruling over its lands. It can call down dark lightning and use focus to burst enemies into flames. Its physical ability seems to have no limits and can battle for weeks without showing any sign of exhaustion."
September 14 2021 [Dania]You! You are no better than a monster, and I will strike you down!
September 14 2021 Here, take this extra RFID badge, with it, you'll be able to explore the lab without triggering any countermeasures against intruders. You see, there's a monster deep within the lab, the last remaining specimen of PROJECT TARDIGEN!
September 14 2021 Weak... weakness. Weak HUMAN!!! This world always has and always will BELONG TO US!
October 6 2021 "You've traveled... very far from home, trespasser."
November 25 2021 It's a Storklift feather! It seems powerful even on its own. Feels like it could transport you back to town safely!
December 2 2021 "I saw a Domigon the other day just relaxing, I've never seen that species do that before! I wonder if Monsters can feel that peace has arrived on Crown Island?"
December 4 2021 "Hey, this might sound crazy, but over the past few weeks, haven't you felt this... tension? in the air? I think it's affecting monsters too, I saw a monstrous brutal Vulter the other day, I think something horrible has happened..."
December 8 2021 "Tamers on the mainland have found nothing remarkable happens when you breed a Kroodle-doo, however, I have a theory..."
December 14 2021 " I hope you "enjoy" you're cards... "


"So you want my OC card? I worked very hard on it, almost 25 minutes."

December 16 2021 "The monster instead is offering you one of its droogs, do you accept?"
January 11 2022 "The monsters scratched on these slabs seem to have played some key role in the early formation of our land. A powerful feline monster and some sort of... what kind of animal is that?"

"You know, it's like that monster that shoot water, not the ones that recently appeared in Empathy Kingdom, the bigger ones with the trunks!"