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Panipillr sprite.png
Artwork of The Player with the Starter Monsters.

Starter Monsters refer to the 5 different monsters that you can pick from at the start of the game to be your first monster.

Obtaining your Starter Monster[edit]

Once you catch a Primigon for your father, he praises you for your hard work, and tells you that when he made a trip to Charity Kingdom last week he picked up a comic book just for you! He tells you to take a break from farm work for the day so you can read it.

On the back cover you find a personality quiz, saying: "Answer these questions and mail it in with 1g to win your VERY OWN MONSTER!"

After you send it in, a week later you get a nice surprise in the mail...

Depending on the answers you sent in a different monster will be recommended to you, but it is ultimately up to you on what monster you pick as your first partner!

Starter Monsters[edit]

No. Name Sprite Type Default Moves
024 Hooclaw Hooclaw sprite.png Malicious icon.png Malicious *?
027 Canite Canite sprite.png Brute icon.png Brute *?
032 Darwhol Darwhol sprite.png Will icon.png Will *?
015 Dracoyle Dracoyle sprite.png Relentless icon.png Relentless *?
002 Ambigu Ambigu sprite.png Unstable icon.png Unstable *?