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Also known as Health Points, this stat determines how many points of health you have and how much damage you can take before your monster faints.


Attack is used for Physical moves, and determines how much damage you deal to an opponent on top of the physical moves power.


Magic is used for Magical moves, and determines how much damage you deal to an opponent on top of the magical moves power.


Speed is how fast your monster can move in battle, and determines if you go first or second.


Defence is how much protection you have against physical damaging moves, the more defense the less HP you lose.


Resistance is the magical resistance version of Defense, the more resistance you have the less HP you lose to magic moves.

Growth/Growth Rate[edit]

Growth (also called 'Growth Rate') is how much your monster's stats grow each level. The more growth your monster has, the more stat points it gains.

Stat variance in Monsters[edit]


List of Monsters and their stats[edit]

  • This list only includes monsters that have their current stats available/released.
  • WARNING! This list contains spoilers!

Transformed Monsters and their stats[edit]