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Is the game doing things, or causing problems that it shouldn't? Well you're in the right place!


If you play with the input config but would like to reset, here's the key controls

  • Accept - Z
  • Cancel (Lower case) - X
  • Enter - Return
  • Select - Tab
  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Are sort of self-explanatory :)

An alternate way to do this is to type "regedit" in the Windows search bar and press Enter, then open HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software and delete the "Studio Aurum" file in there, then run the demo.

Playing the game with a Nintendo Switch Pro controller[edit]

If you have a Switch Pro controller and want to play Monster Crown with it, then please follow these steps :

First you will need to add Monster Crown in Steam as a non-Steam game, then you will have to activate the Steam beta mode in order to be able to connect your controller to your PC.

Once it's done, you can follow this tutorial to configure your Switch Pro controller into Steam.

Now right click the game in your Steam library, then select "Edit Steam Controller configuration". A new window opens, find the "Browse configurations" at the bottom and click it. You will see a configuration named "Nintendo Switch Pro Controller controls for Monster Crown" by Tokida_san (if not, click on "Community" on the left side to browse the community configurations.). Select it and you will have a preview of the controller configuration, click "Apply configuration" at the bottom.

And you are done! Close the window, run the game and have fun!