Empathy Kingdom

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Empathy Kingdom
North of Undergrowth Pass,
Far North of Flowering Province
(through Undergrowth Pass)
Map Description
Connecting Locations
Cliff Cave
Empathy Kingdom

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Duchess's Garden
Undergrowth Pass

Empathy Kingdom is to the north of Undergrowth Pass. It is ruled by King Dania.

Places of Interest[edit]

5th Chief Tamer[edit]

Main article: Vyrnia

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The 5th Chief Tamer, Vyrnia can be found in the 1st house to the southwest of Empathy Kingdom.

King Dania's Castle[edit]

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Duchess's Garden[edit]

Main article: Duchess's Garden

See also: Duchess

The Duchess's Garden, owned by the Duchess, is located to the southeast of Empathy Kingdom. Many rare monsters can be found there.

Emotion Chiefs[edit]

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See also: Omega

The Emotion Chiefs, Alpha and Omega, can be found in the houses inside the castle grounds.