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The Town of Everwhite
Map Description
Frobec Mountain

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Frost Province

Frobec is a town situated to the east of Crown Island. It is accessible by walking east through Frost Province. It is known as 'The Town of Everwhite', and is famous for its signature hats!

Some of the town's signature foods include Echloin (presumably a cut of meat from an Echelk), and Frigidile Steak.

Places of Interest[edit]

4th Chief Tamer[edit]

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The 4th member of the Chief Tamers, Rodney, is located to the west of Frobec. He can be seen next to his Gridag.

Move ReLearner[edit]

Main article: Move Relearner

The Move Relearner can be found in a house to the west of Frobec.

Community Ice Rink[edit]

In the middle of Frobec is the town's community ice-skating rink. 'Here for everyone', the rink is especially popular with young couples and children, and can also be freely enjoyed by the player!

Frobec Factory[edit]

To the north of Frobec is Frobec Factory. The sign outside the factory reads: 'Frobec Factory, sending snow-seed sky high!'

Frobec Mountain Path[edit]

Also to the north of Frobec, and to the right of the Frobec Factory, is the start of the Frobec Mountain Path. This trail is initially unacessable to the player, as it is advised that they find an experienced Tamer escort to accompany them on it.