Humanism Kingdom

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Humanism Kingdom
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Humanism Kingdom

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Scarred Province

Humanism Kingdom resides to the north of the Scarred Province. It is ruled by King Tenna, and is also where the 3rd chief tamer is. Many Madis live in the kingdom, though none can be battled or subsequently tamed.

Places of Interest[edit]

3rd Chief Tamer[edit]

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King Tenna's Castle[edit]

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There is a Kiry to the south of the Humanism Kingdom, which can heal all of your monsters for the price of $15.

Trading Post[edit]

The Trading Post is located to the east of Humanism Kingdom. Here you can trade with a number of breeders that have leftover monsters from trying to breed species for King Tenna.

You can also battle the Tamer seated at the back of the Trading Post. She explains that she was the first Tamer on Crown Island to tame a Dracoyle to maturity, and asks if you want to battle her 'Elder Dracoyle'. She warns you, however, to think it over before accepting, as 'your monster might not make it out alive...'.

Name Sprite Level Type Moves
Dracoyle (Seemingly isn't actually a Dracoyle,
since it uses a grey-ish Gridag sprite)
20 Brute icon.png Brute
Num Move Power Type Dmg Status
023 Cross Bite 8 Brute icon.png Brute Physical icon.png Physical N/A

After beating her, the game's overworld songs currently stop.