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Welcome to the Official Monster Crown Logo.png Wiki!

Monster Crown is an Indie Action Adventure RPG currently in development by Studio Aurum.
Development began in February 2016, and the game was officially launched on 12th October 2021.


Notice: Since the full game has released, we have slowly been adding and updating information. Most information is correct at the time of writing, but we still need help! If you have information that you feel is worth adding, please tell us in the Discord and we can work with you to make sure that the information is added according to our editing standards!
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As kids, we loved playing 90s Monster Catching/Taming games. Exploring these amazing worlds, packed to the brim with awesome monsters lit our imaginations on fire. I bet you felt the same!

Something that always drew us in was Monster Breeding. The idea of combining the Monsters we bonded with during our adventures to create amazing new monsters got us so excited.

Unfortunately, we never felt like the offspring was a true crossbreed of both parents - It wasn't a brand new species.

In Monster Crown, the offspring are true mixes of both parents, in every way. This brand new species is totally yours - even to name.

As you play online, trading and battling, your creations could reach across the globe!



  • 200+ Monsters to Collect
  • Countless Combinations to Breed
  • A Sprawling, Wild World
  • A Deep, Dark Story
  • A Pivotal Choice that Drastically Changes the Ending and Post-Game
  • Online Battling/Trading
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